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NEW ICAI Benefit of Membership:
($1632 value) FREE!

Courtesy of Dr. Tony Palermo...

Dr. Palermo is a 30+year veteran of Chiropractic practice, a veteran Chiropractic success coach, one of the original pioneers of the insurance to cash transition. He has run two highly successful cash practices, is a 1989 Life University Graduate and a post-graduate continuing education faculty member at Life, and continues to teach college level anatomy and physiology in Eastern, PA.

Dr. Palermo's complete FIRST VISIT SYSTEM (including Consultation 3-hours Audio + workbook)
•You will learn the Five Key Questions of an Effective Consultation
•Questions are designed to both discover the specific "type" of New Practice Member you are serving and to begin the shift in their thinking from the medical (allopathic) to the Chiropractic (holistic) model.
•You will discover every nuance and subtlety that he has designed to create a solid foundation for each and every new member of a chiropractic practice.
($195 value)

Dr. Palermo's "Get Back to Basics complete EXAMINATION ESSENTIALS
(3-hours Audio + workbook)
•During this phenomenal teaching module, Dr. Palermo will explain the three essential examination protocols that you must employ in order to immediately link your new patient's chief complaint to the function of their nervous system (his patented "Physiology System").
•Your new patients will be AMAZED by your knowledge and expertise within the first several minutes of your exam.
($195 value)

Dr. Palermo's complete IN-OFFICE LECTURE
(3-hours Audio, PowerPoint & Live Demonstration)
•Dr. Palermo offers you the instruction, ideas, insight and innovation proven to provide a standing room only lecture environment.
•Includes written notes, invitations, samples, scripts, Master Speaker's Secrets, call to action strategy, referral tools and entire PowerPoint presentation done for you!
•All slides loaded and ready to show!
($247 value)

Dr. Palermo's B.A.S.I.C.S of Chiropractic Success (6-hours Audio + 72 page Workbook)
•In this six-part program, Dr. Palermo will discuss the application of the foundational basics of both Clinical and Business Success.
•You will discover how "The B.A.S.I.C.S of Chiropractic Success" are the fundamental building blocks of your lifetime wellness practice.
•With 30 years of personal experience and a long-time Chiropractic Success Coach, Dr. Palermo knows that a flaw in any one of the essential "B.A.S.I.C.S" can and will lead to struggle and stress.
•This is great content for DCs, Associates and Chiropractic Assistants.
($95 value)

($900 value)
•Dr. Palermo is generously offering one month of coaching to ICAI Members

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