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Where has the failure of philosophy of Dr. B. J. Palmer been?  It has not been with the material!  It has not been with the attempt to transmit the knowledge from Dr. B.J. Palmer.  The problem has been with the audience! Too much attention had been applied to the personality and actions of Dr. B.J.Palmer and this detracted from the message of Dr. B.J.Palmer.  The part that was digested only by a small part of the developing young Chiropractic profession had to dal with the internal operations of the human and the operating system of the innate intelligence.  What had been missed, was the doctors component of the massive underlying Chiropractic Philosophy dealing with Universal Intelligence, how to access it how to utilize and how to let it transport you/the doctor to new levels of advancement.  Before the concepts of quantum physics, there was the strange poorly misunderstood newly espoused concepts o a new profession called Chiropractic Philosophy.

Without a strong connection to our Chiropractic Philosophy, how could an isolated practicing doctor of Chiropractic develop 2 abstracts for an international low back conference  in singapore and have all three of them accepted for an international multidisciplinary this past fall?  How may of you reading this essay have been invited to the Royal College of Surgeons in London, England this summer? Just how can a simple minded isolated solo chiropractic practicing  physician in north eastern rural Indiana be one of the top 10% participating Chiropractors within the federal Medicare system in the nation?  Without a strong working knowledge of our heritage in our established historic practical concepts of Chiropractic Philosophy can any of this be possible.  

There is more to our professional philosophy than a selling point to our patients.  The clinical component of our philosophy is the smaller subsection of our total philosophical boundary.  What was missed by most of us was how to use it and to benefit from it.. Tel your directors of the ICA of Indiana that you want the missing knowledge!  You wold like to learn what was NOT taught at your Chiropractic College correctly.  You would like to know what was watered down and diluted amor a broad based easily to digest dissemination, that was poorly understood and taught.  There is more and it could be yours!!

Dr. T.S. Brodar, L.C.P.

To learn more philosophy watch for our upcoming "Wine and Spine" Winery tour, this September!

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